Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Basics

We are currently trying to improve our services to various regions. If you are interested in becoming our sensor host, please fill out the form here.
Sensors will be added gradually, if you have submitted the form, please wait for us to send you a message.
1. Go to the location on the map.
2. Touch and hold the screen for 1-2 seconds.
3. You will be able to see our sensors at selected location.
There are 2 ways to add a favorite location:
1. On your Home page, select "Click to add favorite". Scroll, select sensor location and tap the heart icon ♡ to add to favorites.
2. On your Map page, go to the desired location and select the location. Tap the heart icon ♡ to add a favorite location.

Tap the filled heart icon
to remove a location from the favorites list.
1. Select the location added as a favorite.
2. Tap the bell button 🔔 located in the upper right corner.
3. Set the time you want to receive notifications.
1. Choose a location (on the map, favorites, or rankings).
2. At the bottom of the page, you will see air quality graphs for the past and next 24 hours.
1. Tap the hamburger menu ☰
2. Select "Settings".
3. Select your preferred language under "Language".
1. Tap the hamburger menu ☰
2. Select "Change Home Location"
3. Select "Use Current Location"
4. Select "Continue"
5. Choose the sensor that has the nearest location to your home.
6. Click "Confirm"
1. Tap the hamburger menu ☰
2. Select "Settings"
3. At the bottom of the page, select "Delete Account"