Pamper Yourself with Boenga Nails & Relax

Boenga representing a symbol of beauty from Indonesia's heritage, which we deliver through our services to make you feel beautiful inside and outside.

Boenga Nails & Relax services are more than just manicures and pedicures, it also offers relaxing treatments where you will feel just like at home.

Boenga Nails & Relax offers a full relaxation during the nails treatment with a relaxing hand, foot, back massage and even reflexology.

It is like a seated relaxing spa and it will get your nails done, and moreover Boenga Nails & Relax is open everyday from Monday to Sunday, 9 AM - 6 PM, but don’t forget to book your appointment.

Boenga Nails & Relax wants you to feel less worry, comfortable and enjoy every moment to yourself, that’s why Boenga Nails & Relax is a Clean Air Zone, so you don’t have to worry about the indoor air pollution, you can breathe healthy air and enjoy your moment.

Nafas also found that the air quality at a location which is a part of CAZ will has a better air quality, up to 4 times better than a location which is not a part of CAZ.

Which means that if you are practicing yoga at Boenga Nails & Relax, which is already a part of CAZ, you already maintain your health four times better that practicing at a location which is not a part of Clean Air Zone.

📍 Boenga Nails & Relax
☁️ Clean Air Zone since 2022
🏡 Jl. Gedung Hijau Raya No.26, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta
📞 0856-8727-747
🔗 Instagram: @boenga.nails.relax