Let's Get FIT Together with FIT HUB ITC Kuningan

FIT HUB exists as a Premium and Affordable Gym in Indonesia with a mission to democratize access to Health and Wellness for EVERYONE, not just fitness enthusiasts.

FIT HUB ITC Kuningan has four main types of workout, which are cardio, mind & body, strength, or you can combine all of those workouts. Various classes are available, such as Zumba, Yoga, Pound Fit, Cycling, weight training in a comfortable atmosphere and the availability of personal trainer assistance at affordable prices.

For the schedules you can check on their website, FIT HUB ITC Kuningan have two periods of classes, which are morning and evening.

People awareness to stay FIT and needs to do fitness is getting popular, but it seems that people are having trouble to access workout facility with reasonable prices.

That’s why FIT HUB exists, other than that FIT HUB ITC Kuningan also wants people to stay fit and healthy during the workout, that’s why FIT HUB ITC Kuningan is a part of Clean Air Zone, so people can access fitness facility with good prices and enjoy air without worrying about pollution.

Nafas also found that the air quality at a location which is a part of CAZ will has a better air quality, up to 4 times better than a location which is not a part of CAZ.

Which means that if you are practicing yoga at FIT HUB ITC Kuningan, which is already a part of CAZ, you already maintain your health four times better that practicing at a location which is not a part of Clean Air Zone.

πŸ“ FIT HUB ITC Kuningan
☁️ Clean Air Zone since 2022
🏑ITC Kuningan 5th floor Jembatan 1, Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio, Kuningan, South Jakarta
πŸ“ž 0831-8544-0219
πŸ”— Instagram: @fithub_id